Dr. Hartshorn Medicines


This page presents some of the medicine bottles produced by the Dr Hartshorn company throughout the 19th century.

Dr Edward Hartshorn was born Jun 28 1817 in Gloucester, Mass. He graduated from the Harvard Medical School in 1840. His medical practice was started in 1841 and located in Berlin, Mass. He married Lucy Elizabeth Howe. They had two children,  Edward Howe and William Henry.  Edward died in 1887.  Dr Hartshorn practiced medicine for several years before poor health forced him to stop. He started a new business involving the manufacture of medicines and cooking extracts. About sixty different varieties were reported. He took his sons into co-partnership as they reached their majority. He moved his business to Boston in around 1867.  He lived at  87 Munroe Street, in Somerville, where he has since resided at least to 1880. Later in life Dr Hartshorn passed the business operations to his sons when he became involved in the church group the United Order of the Golden Cross.
(Paraphrased from HARSHORN The Dartmouth College and the Hartshorn Alumni )

The Berlin Mass office was closed in 1895 when Edward sold the business to his son William H.
(from Harshorn Medicines, National Bottle Gazette 2, History of Edward Hartshorn and the Hartshorn Medicines, Gerald Lincoln 1973)


Large 9" size Dr Hartshorn's bottles showing transitional mold changes over several years.  
The bull's-eye on the bottle was supposed to represent the handle on a medicine chest. Dr Hartshorn advertised his medicine as being a "medicine chest" unto itself as it replaced many other treatments normally needed. The bottles were labeled as UN-ADULTERATED PAREGORIC (a cure for coughs). A reproduction of this bottle from the Crownford China Company is found in olive color

Early hinge mold smooth base version. Embossed BERLIN SERIES. Applied lip.

Transitional mold. BERLIN SERIES was peened out and DR HARTSHORN'S FAMILY MEDICINES embossing was added. Post mold with applied lip.

Later mold with DR HARTSHORN"S FAMILY MEDICINES embossing. Post mold with applied lip.


Hartshorn's Medicines were categorized by Series Number
Here is a card advertising Series No 18 Cure for Sprains, Bruises, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, and Etc...

5 3/4" bulb neck bottle embossed Dr HARTSHORN & SONS BOSTON

6 1/2" ring neck bottle embossed Dr HARTSHORN & SONS BOSTON.


Oval panel embossed DR HARTSHORN'S MEDICINES. 6" tall with a crudely tooled lip and post mold (key)

Comparison to an earlier amber version (from Ebay) attributed to the Weeks and Gilson Glass house in Stoddard NH. A label for Hartshorn's Syrup of Rhubarb can be found posted on Reggie Lynch's site...

Early oval panel with applied lip. Top has amber impurities.


Trade card for Dr Hartshorn's Cough Balsam

Small 5" oval recess bottle embossed DR. E. HARTSHORN & SONS EST'D 1850 BOSTON



Small 5" applied lip version of the DR HARTSHORN'S FAMILY MEDICINE. Probably from around the late 1860s or so.

Smaller size 7 1/2" bottle embossed DR HARTSHORN'S FAMILY MEDICINES. A later version with tooled lip and cup mold.


Later 5" bottles embossed E. HARTSHORN & SONS ESTABLISHED 1850 BOSTON. Both tooled lip and cup mold. The aqua one on left likely shows a slightly earlier design.

Note that on these bottles Edward Hartshorn dropped the DR in the embossing

Hartshorn Ammonia Compound one of the many other products the company made and sold.
(photo from online auction)

Later machine made cobalt E HARTSHORN'S BOSTON, MASS.  repro??

Hartshorn's Cotton Seed Oil

Hartshorn perfume style bottle                                                         

Hartshorn sauce style bottle

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